It’s been a while…

I’ve always been pretty good with words, and I have been finding that I am enjoying writing more and more. The more I write, the more I want to write about and so seems to the pattern emerging.

I have been getting some nudging and promptings from God to write, which of course my answer has been “write what??”… his answer was to just start writing… so that is what I have started doing.

I am only a couple of months into writing what I feel God is speaking to me about – bringing the prophetic into the everyday – I feel so inspired, and yet I then have waves of doubt and struggle with feelings of not being good enough.

BUT if I am holding back in fear, then I am not walking in faith!

[On a side note I have actually just written an article about walking in faith… that has just been published – my very first *paid* published article. It took me over a week to work up the confidence to send it – he liked it, and he wants more!!]

One of my foundation scriptures that I am leaning on at this time is Ephesians 3:20 – He can do immeasurably more than I can think or even imagine. With God, I can do all things because when I am relying on him and being obedient to where he is leading me, it is through Him that I shine… not through my own knowledge and understanding, but through Him who is working through me.

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