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I used to use this domain as a platform to sell candles and little handmade baby items. We have come a long way since then, and frankly I don’t have the time now to do much crafting, or much of making things to sell. My little people are now aged 5 and 3, which means this page has been laying dormant for at least 3 years!! I figured why not turn it into a blog and put my thoughts and feelings and what I am up to out there into the big wide world of people behind their computers or tiny little screens.

I now have a little online business over at that I am now teaming up with my brother to ramp the little business up. As I speak I am actually in the process of ordering a bulk order of stock to be shipped over by sea, so in 12 weeks I should have a load of stock on hand to sell directly to customers when they want them, instead of them having to wait for them to be made and sent. It seems the times have changed, we are living in such a fast paced and intense world of online shopping where people don’t want to wait 4 week for their products, they want them within a week – or less. We will keep the option of custom made if people want it. I’m excited about this new step… I’ve been sitting on this for a while, sitting on the fence not wanting to make any decisions either way, but I’m also a bit nervous (and I know that nerves are good) about what I am going to do with all those beanbags if people don’t buy them… I’m sure they will… right?! Lol

We are also avid property investors. We have worked and sacrificed hard in the early days to get a property portfolio. We know property and we love property – so when we had the opportunity to do a renovating for profit workshop with Cherie Barber, we jumped at the opportunity. We were actually a bit annoyed we had just done a partial reno on one of our rental properties just months before we did the course, to then find out what we did wrong and what we could have done (for less) that would have been much for effective and looking much better!! Oh well… we did get going on the acquiring and renovating once we got home from the workshop and also re-renovating the one we partially did and another of our properties.
We are now in the process of purchasing another property to renovate. This one I want to flip, but I guess we need to see what the market is like once we are done… I do love the renovating, it is a great outlet to get creative and get my inner designer going on… haha! I love kitchen design and my ultimate goal is to do property development – big scale like self contained apartment blocks and community developments. But for now, we have renovated a couple of houses and a unit (which took FOREVER!) but now we have a few under our belts we seem to be getting the hang of it, we have some great tradies and we now just have to work on the timing. Maybe we can get this one renovated and back on the market in 4 weeks.. nothing like a challenge with a time limit 🙂

Well that is all for now, love and blessings,
Mel x


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