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Mellymoo was born from a desire to find some bright, fun and encouraging leggings that were positive and spoke life. I really struggled to find some leggings that suited what I was after… and so Empowerment Pants by Mellymoo was born! We launched our Mellymoo Leggings in July 2020, and we have not looked back!!

We have a huge range of legging designs: Below you will see our Christian Leggings, but we have a whole range of leggings that are encouraging and inspiring for anyone to wear also.

In just over a year, we have now expanded our product range to include other products to help women be encouraged, inspired and empowered to be all they are created to be. Check out our entire range of Mellymoo Hoodies here.

We also love creating: if you have a scripture or design that you would love to get made, please send us a message (via our FAQ page) and we would love to see if we can work with you!

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