Empowerment Pants by Mellymoo

Do you struggle to find some good, motivational and empowering leggings?

I searched and searched for some good quality, comfortable leggings with lovely words or images on them, I couldn’t find them, but no need to keep looking any more – I designed my own and found a manufacturer and have developed a whole range, that is increasing every day!

We have a range of leggings with empowering and affirmative words to make you feel a million bucks whilst wearing your new ‘Empowerment Pants’!

Our Leggings also have a zippered pocket at the small of your back to hold your key/ bank card/ spare change, etc, and may fit your mobile phone.

Make sure you check out our entire collection as I’m sure there is a pair (or 4) just for you!

Have a custom design in mind? Send us an email (from the FAQ Page) and we can work together to make your own design you will love.

Please check our sizing guide here before ordering.

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