Sizing Guide

Please check your measurements on the sizing chart below before ordering.

As a general rule, the following ladies sizes are about right; XXS=6, XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=14-16, 2XL=16, 3XL=18

As we get into the larger sizing, things start to run on the smaller size, so you really need to make sure you do your measurements. On size charts, the sizes in Australia jump hugely between 18 – 24 which is difficult to interpret on this chart as it doesn’t jump like the Australian sizes do. Going by the size jumps it would indicate that a 7XL would size 22 or maybe a small 24.

 4XL=18-20, 5XL=20, 6XL=20-22, 7XL=22

I am a comfortable size 18 and the 3XL fits me, the 2XL did fit, but you could tell they were too small!!

These are stretchy, so you will fit in the smaller size, but due to the nature of the printing (on white) if they are too stretched they lose their colour a bit as the white of the fabric starts to show. I would recommend getting a pair that will fit you comfortably, even if it means going up a size.

Length: You will need to choose a length, either Full, Capri (3/4) or Short. The measurement is from your crotch down your leg toward your ankle.

Kids sizing: These sizes are based on the child’s total height. At the time of writing this, my youngest was 132 cm and we ordered the 130 for her and they fit fine. My oldest was 145cm (fitting size 12 girls) and the 140 were way too small for her, the XS was a bit too big, the XXS fit her.

Kids leggings come in full length only, with no pockets.

Empowerment Pants by Mellymoo | Sizing Guide


Please check your measurements on the sizing chart below before ordering.

The brushed polyester leggings are super stretchy.

I find that the OS fits S-XL, and the TC/Plus fit XL-4XL. I am a comfortable size 18 and wear TC/Plus.

Length: Each listing will show the length of the leggings – full length, capri or shorts (the below chart shows the length of Full Length).

Brushed Poly Leggings Size Chart


The kids sizes are in Small, Medium and Large and are roughly the below sizing based on kids clothing sizes.

Small: Size 6-8
Medium: Size 8-12
Large: Size 12-16

Kids Leggings come in full length only, with no pockets.

It is highly recommended you do your measurements and also measure a garment that fits you so that you can check the correct sizing on the sizing charts below. 

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