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When God’s hand is on something… things happen!

Wowsers, what a week I have had!! The title of this post is what I have experienced this week – when God’s hand is on something, things really do happen.

Many of you may already know that I have just released a line of leggings that I have named Empowerment Pants by Mellymoo.

They are a range of leggings that have empowering words or scriptures on them with beautiful backgrounds. They have been designed with love, joy and truth in mind… they are to help remind women and girls that they are worthy, they are special, they are enough, they are kind and loved and generous.

These words are affirming women across Australia every time they wear these leggings. My heart behind these leggings is to counter all the negative stuff that is going on in the world, the negative words that are being said, thought and written over the lives of women and girls every day.

Every single time we choose to declare the good, we take a bit more of power away from the bad. We remove our focus from the things we ‘should be’ and the things we feel that we are not. When we declare the good we allow hope to grow. When we focus on the good, our worries seem to be a bit further away.

How I can see God’s Hand is upon this

First, I need to give you a little background! I am an ideas person, I have all sorts of business ideas popping up left, right and centre… and I have a biz bestie, Kelly, who I generally share most of my least crazy ideas with – and the answer is always along the lines of ‘Mel, stop looking at the bright shiny things and focus on what you are doing in your businesses.’ She then quickly redirects me to what could I be doing in Little Biz or Outdoor Beanbags instead!

But this time, Kel was all in! She has been my biggest supporter in the new release of leggings, ‘it just feels different to your other ideas’ she told me yesterday. Here is reason number one that I know God is in this!!

The second reason I know is because God has given me the designs and the words, the scriptures and the images… and he also gave me a great manufacturer, and her name is Joy!! Well, hello!!

Here is a confession: I have not done any paid marketing of my leggings.

  • I had work colleagues jumping over themselves to order leggings on my sample run! They had no idea what they were receiving, but they wanted them NOW!
  • I had funds available to order my samples as God has stepped up the beanbag orders recently… when I have done absolutely no marketing!
  • Everyone who has seen and tried my leggings have loved them. Once Kelly received her sample paid, she ordered 5 more pairs!!
  • My first run of pre-orders hit my MOQ (minimum order quantity) in less than a week. The pictures are mock-up’s of the leggings, they’ve not been made in real life yet, and I have received over 14 orders in less than a week, most ordering more than one pair of leggings.
  • I have friends who have partnered with our vision and our product and they have shared and told everyone they know about them.

And the last reason I know God’s hand is in this – because this wasn’t even on my radar… AT ALL! My current business offering is Little Biz, making websites on WordPress for small businesses, and delving into the world of SEO to train myself up so I can walk others through the process. I guess I have a new way to test my SEO learnings!! 🙂

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