Electric Blue Paws Brushed Polyester Leggings

Our Mellymoo Leggings Journey Update

Wow, what a journey we have had here at Mellymoo HQ since we launched our Empowerment Pants back in July 2020. It is fun (and a little challenging) to look back at where we started, how far we have come, and where we are wanting to go.

As way of introduction, I am Mel and I am the creative ideas person behind Mellymoo Leggings and Empowerment Pants by Mellymoo. I have absolutely loved the journey we have taken so far, and get so much fulfilment in using my creative bones to design and create! I am super pleased with how well our Empowerment Pants were received, and a little disappointed we needed to put them on hold whilst we tried to find a new supplier with a design we were happy to continue to produce long term, but unfortunately it was critical as we weren’t 100% happy with our product. We are still happy with our product, so don’t let that put you off purchasing from our stock of Empowerment Pants we have left in the store… It is more that I wasn’t happy with them as they were not a right product for both the regular size market and the plus size market.

In the meantime, I discovered Brushed Polyester Leggings… OMG!!

If you are new to brushed polyester leggings, let me try and explain them. Think of the outside of a peach when you run your hand over it, these leggings are so soft with a slightly furry texture. They are often referred to as ‘buttery soft’ and I can truly tell you that wearing these leggings feels like you are not wearing any pants at all!!!

The brushed poly leggings are also super stretchy, and the way they have been sewn allows them to be classed as One Size Leggings. They fit a Small right through to a Large / Extra Large. Then we have Plus Size Leggings that fit a Large right up to a 4XL/5XL. These quoted sizes are based on our Empowerment Pants Sizing on our website.

The best part – they have a yoga pants style waist band, with NO ELASTIC! All the plus size ladies expel a sigh of relief… there is nothing more divisive (literally) than an electric waistband on leggings for plus size ladies. Contrary to all belief (designers are you paying attention?) we do not enjoy being cut in half, or sitting with the pressure of a tight waistband around our middle. We love stretchy, flexible and forgiving fabric… oh yes… hello Brushed Polyester Leggings!!!

Now that we have sufficiently tested the brushed poly leggings in the designs available from our manufacturer, we are now planning to special order some of our Mellymoo Leggings designs from the Empowerment Pants range in the brushed poly fabric. I am so excited about this as this is a dream coming true.

Here are our best sellers in our Mellymoo Leggings: Empowerment Pants range – Which ones would you love to see printed on the brushed polyester leggings?

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