Worthy of it all

HE is Worthy Of It All

We were singing Worthy of it all recently when the lyrics in V1 got me… All the elders cast their crowns before the lamb of God and sing…

A crown signifies a royal authority, a title that has been bestowed upon that person. These elders are in a position of authority, they have titles and have been crowned – but they take off their crowns of authority and lay them at the feet of Jesus on the cross, the ‘lamb of God’, bowing before him and singing that he is worthy of all praise and glory and honour… Revelation 4:10

If the elders remove their crowns of authority, then wouldn’t it be pertinent for us to remove our ‘crowns’ or many ‘hats’ we wear, laying them down at the feet of Jesus also?

For when we truly lay it all down at the altar – our titles, positions, qualifications and influence, then we can come into that place of worship and into the true place of humility and submission to God. This is where God has our hearts and can wholly work in our lives.

For He is worthy of it all, and He deserves the glory!

Worthy of It All (Live) – David Brymer on YouTube.

What hats are you wearing that you need to lay down before the lamb of God?

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